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The Hardest Part of Being a Nurse

hardest part of being a nurseWhether you’re a vocational nurse, a registered nurse, a critical care nurse, traveling nurse, or another type of nurse not listed here – you will run into one thing: challenges. Challenges aren’t to be looked at as something bad, either. Challenge should be embraced as an opportunity to grow as a nurse.

And for the record – look, you aren’t going to be perfect. That’s OK. You also won’t know everything. That’s OK. Don’t beat yourself up because mistakes will happen.

It’s All About the Family

You might read several articles of the writer’s opinion listing what he or she believes to be the hardest part of being a nurse. But from our own experiences – mind you, this is our opinion – the absolutely hardest part of being a nurse is dealing with the families of patients who are clearly ready to die, but the family won’t let them go.

This difficulty will send you through a roller coaster of emotions, and you’ll undoubtedly find yourself questioning your morality and/or ethical values, asking yourself whether or not you’re “doing the right thing”.

The level of intimacy you’ll face on the job with your patients is both a blessing and a curse. It’s what makes a nurse, a nurse. But all nurses are exposed to the inevitable idea of death & you’ll struggle with it at first, but you’ll learn to accept that part of your job, while developing the right people skills throughout.

Our Advice to You

Our best advice we can give you is to let these types of situations happen naturally. Follow your instincts when it comes to addressing the situation from a place of sincerity & compassion. When you sit there telling yourself “what should I tell them?” or “what should I say?” then you’ll overthink the situation entirely.

One other, unrelated pro tip:

Don’t procrastinate your tasks – If there’s something to do and you tell yourself “Oh, I’ll do it later.” Most nurses won’t “do it later” because they end up getting too busy. So our pro tip to you is to do any task that comes up right away. Out of sight, out of mind.

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Marian College – New Nursing School Open House Dates!

If you haven’t had the opportunity to attend one of our Open House Events in the past, now is your chance! We are excited to introduce yet another great open house event on July 19, 2016 at our Los Angeles location and July 20, 2016 at our Van Nuys location.

Every open house is as unique as every new student we have the opportunity to meet. If you plan on becoming a vocational nurse or just looking to change professions, our open house is the perfect opportunity to ask all the important questions you need in order to make an informed decision.

Below is our official flyer to our open house! If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us through social or give us a call at the numbers listed in the flyer.

We Look Forward to Meeting You!

nursing school open house marian college

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Tips for Nurses that Work with Elderly Patients

tips nurses elderly patientsWhen you begin working as a nurse, whether as a vocational nurse or as a registered nurse for a nursing care facility, you will be exposed to many elderly patients. However, the difference is that elderly patients should be handled with a special type of care – comforting care, if you will.

Pure Compassion & Understanding

Elderly nursing is also referred to geriatric nursing, and often requires a special type of patient care that involves two things:

• Compassion
• Understanding

By making the decision to start a career in nursing, chances are you do possess these characteristics at least to some degree.

Battling Depression

Here’s the thing about elderly patients: they are prone to medical conditions that will require a nurse’s sincere dedication in order to keep them in check.

Growing old isn’t easy and for some seniors the news of a terminal illness or other chronic medical condition is enough to send them spiraling into depression. It’s estimated that roughly 20% of seniors aged 65 and older suffer from depression. That’s a lot of seniors.

It’s not just medical conditions, but for some seniors the transition into a nursing care facility or nursing home is not easy. Knowing how to comfort seniors who suffer from depression will restore some life in them & that positivity alone will keep them strong both mentally & physically.

So What Can I Do?


First and foremost, the absolute best thing you can do is to listen to them. It doesn’t matter what the topic is, simply listening to seniors tell their stories & experiences will really make them feel important and cared for. Truth be told, most seniors feel as if they are useless and provide no value to society. However, most of them have really interesting stories & life lessons to share and by listening to them it becomes a win-win situation: they feel useful & you may learn a thing or two from their experiences.

Be encouraging.

Secondly, you need to be encouraging. And by this we mean encourage them to see the bright side of life. You need to be encouraging both on a mental level & on a physical level. Encourage them to be social & to become more physical by asking them certain questions such as “did you emerge as the Bingo champion the other night?” A simple question can go a long way. Based on their response you can follow up with an actionable request that encourages them to stay positive and strong.

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Things to Consider as a Nurse When Getting a Tattoo

nursing tattoo ideasWe’ve said it before; it takes a particular type of person to become a nurse. It is believed that those that decide on starting their nursing journey to begin with, are usually composed of the attributes needed to be a good nurse. It is only normal to reward yourself after all the studying and preparing for the job, with a little bit of something. Many professionals like to reward their hard-earned accomplishment with a small tattoo. Although this may be accepted in many other professions, nursing isn’t necessarily the most liberal profession of them all.

Which is why when it comes to nursing and tattoos, you should consider the following:

Let’s Talk About Hospitals and Their Dress Codes

Not all facilities are the same and their acceptance with tattoos. If you’re currently job hunting, we highly recommend to hold off on the tattoo until after you’ve been hired. But if you have already gotten a job, be responsible on the procedures and policies in your workplace. Many facilities have set dress codes and usually management would gladly discuss with you.

You’ve Encountered This Blog Post After Your Tattoo Appointment, Now What?
Fortunately, it is not the end of the world. Just like technology, apparel continues to improve and adapt to the times. Nurses now have options when it comes to covering up a visible tattoo.

Looking for ideas to cover up a nursing inspired sleeve you ended up getting? Head over to our pinterest and look through some of the options you have for covering them up!

You Discussed with Management and Said Yes to Tattoos

It feels good to avoid any work complications by being transparent and communicative with your management. Let’s say your inquiry regarding tattoos and their dress code ended up being more flexible than you had originally expected – now you are finding yourself looking through inspiration for a small and appropriate tattoo.

Look no further! We have a pinterest board dedicated to all things nursing inspired tattoos. We took in consideration some of the more general dress codes in facilities for our selection.

Final Note

If you’ve made up your mind regardless and want to get a tattoo NOW, consider something that is easily coverable, both small and simple. Remember that this is a design that will stay on you permanently. Make sure to take into consideration all the things there are when it comes to getting a tattoo and don’t let it get in the way of your career.

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The Things About Nursing Nobody Talks About But Should

things to know about being a nurseYou’re probably reading this post because you’re either considering becoming a nurse or you’ve officially started in the field and are in need of some insight. Well let us tell you, it takes a particular set of skills & dedication to become a nurse. It requires patience, intuition, integrity, communication, and courage to fulfill the work. Which is why the individuals that do decide to become nurses, deserve our utmost respect and recognition.

Things to Know About Being a Nurse

You should be aware that it takes a special type of person, a strong minded individual to endure the hectic times that nurses often face. Now, let’s discuss some of the things that aren’t necessarily the best in nursing, but we should DEFINITELY be aware of.

1. So, You Thought You Had a Strong Stomach.
It’s nothing unheard of, as a nurse you will encounter situations that consist of unpleasant smells. Some of the tasks do involve nurses toileting a patient, this is just one of the many little tasks you will encounter as a nurse. Although it’s nothing otherworldly, it’s something to keep in mind. It will take some time to get used to, but eventually you’ll be the one sharing your stories forgetting this is a deal-breaker for many other people.

2. The Relationship Between Your Patients and You.
You’ll encounter rude patients, chatty patients, and patients you will never forget. As a nurse, you are expected to care for all of your patients. This is crucial to the success and efficiency of your work. When we said it takes a special type of person to become a nurse we meant it, not many people are cut out for this profession. Some people would rather work with computers, houses, finances, etc. But if being nurturing is something that comes easily to you, you will be right at home.

3. Help Me, I’m A Nursing Student.
We all know how it is, but all the work you do now will pay off once in the field. If you’re reading this, you probably are starting off the right foot with your goal on becoming a nurse. There’s things you will only learn from experience and insightful in-field research, so reading blogs is definitely a start.

4. Don’t Forget About The Legal Responsibilities.
Being detail-oriented is an essential part of not only the success but your survival in the field. Nursing is not only a rewarding job when executed appropriately, there’s part of the job that can end up in a potential lawsuit. Remember to ask questions and be thorough, you could potentially lose your license by not paying enough attention. Every nurse has learned the importance of being detail oriented for legal purposes. If this kind of pressure scares you, nursing may not be for you!

At the end of the day, don’t forget why you decided to become a nurse in the first place. It usually involves a unique moment in your life or a special influence. It sets you apart that much from the rest of the population.

Like this post? You may enjoy reading another post of ours titled “A Day in the Life as a Nurse”.

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International Nursing – A Brief Overview

international nursing benefitsInterested in nursing abroad? International nursing is a great way to explore the world while maintaining your duties as a nurse. The fact of the matter is that nurses are in need anywhere you go, this includes outside of the U.S. It may seem daunting for some to relocate abroad, but the sense of adventure and unique experiences you will have make it very worthwhile for many.

What You Should You Know

Unfortunately international nursing is not as easy as becoming a regular nurse and then flying overseas. Understand that the basic requirements to become an international nurse are roughly the same as a travel nurse, but differ in certain areas.

If you’re truly interested in the opportunity to become an international nurse then you should be aware of a few items:

  • Additional immunizations, training, and documents will most likely be required to accept the job.
  • In the UK, an English proficiency exam must be passed known as the International English Language Testing System.
  • In Australia, nurses must complete the country’s board examination and you must be admitted to the Australia Boards of Nursing before becoming a registered nurse.

As you can see above, you must make sure you meet the requirements of the country before becoming registered and certified to perform nursing duties.

Benefits of International Nursing Opportunities

With International nursing opportunities the main attraction is not the pay, but the fact that you will have plenty of opportunities to explore new customs and work environments that you may have never thought possible. To add to this, nurses are given ample opportunity to explore neighboring areas and network with people that are much different than back home – or perhaps they’re very similar to you?

If you’re the adventurous type, then we encourage you to look at the path to becoming an International Nurse. Being prepared beforehand is a great way to get your feet wet as you learn the fundamentals of nursing at a nursing program such as at Marian College of Los Angeles.

The International Council of Nurses (ICN) is great starting point to read about international nursing opportunities narrowed down by country.

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Dealing With Conflict in the Workplace

dealing with coworker conflictUnfortunately, conflict is something no matter how hard we try we cannot avoid. This is because people have opinions, values, and priorities, and when these aspects do not match our own interests, then the potential for conflict arises.

The key, however, is that conflict can be avoided altogether depending on your reaction or approach to it. Here are a few different ways to approach coworker conflict.

3 Ways of Dealing with Conflict in the Workplace

1. Stay calm & avoid it.

What we mean here is to simply just avoid it altogether. If a coworker is trying to egg you on or having their emotions get the best of them, then we urge you to stay calm and naturally the situation will diffuse.

If you feel it necessary to get your opinion, re-think whether or not it’s worth it and attempt to move on. Mention that you have a job to do and that the matter can be discussed at a later time.

2. Talk it out later in person.

Meeting face-to-face to discuss issues is the most intimidating way to resolve conflict, but also may be the most effective way. This is because face-to-face conversations involve the use of important nonverbal cues and body language that often speak larger than the words coming out of our mouth. Most conflict should not be attempted to be resolved on the job.

3. Improve communication skills.

By focusing on your personal growth and communication skills, you will be more confident in saying what you what, getting what you want, and accurately getting your point across in an appropriate manner.

The only way to better your communication skills is to communicate; though there are a few qualities all good communicators have:

-they avoid troublemakers
-they don’t gossip
-they don’t backstab
-they don’t jump to conclusions until they have the facts

Final Note
Keep these valuable tips in mind the next time you see yourself amidst a conflict that serves no real purpose other than to cause an abnormal working environment for both parties in disagreement, as well as everyone around them.

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Top 6 Best Brands for Nursing Scrubs

best brands nursing scrubsOver the years, not only has the career landscape changed for Nurses, so has their uniform. It is not otherworldly to know that when it came to Nurse uniforms, there were simpler times. But just like anything else, their uniforms adapted to the modern times and in 1960’s the scrubs were introduced.

Scrubs and Their Journey Through Color

Scrubs coined the name after the operational and nurse work environment, which is considered to be ‘scrubbed’ space. Just as the design of the uniform evolved so did the colors and functionality. Originally white to emphasize the cleanliness and sanitation of the work environment, but were quickly replaced by green tones to help resolve eyestrain in doctors and staff due to the all-white surroundings.

Not all heroes wear capes, most of them wear scrubs!

Over the years manufacturers and designers have reinterpreted their version of the iconic uniform. New versions of the scrubs include modern features for busy nurses and tactile fabrics for easy movement. Truly complementing the agile movements and constant needs of nurse or medical professionals during their shift.

Make a statement in the latest patterns and designs; whether you’re in need of fashionable scrubs or maternity scrubs, there are options for you!

Functionality, comfort and versatility is now offered through various websites, designers and retailers. Some of the most unique pair of scrubs we came across are the following:

Koi Happiness – It doesn’t get any more fashionable than a pair of Koi scrubs. Slowly becoming a uniform staple with each and every new design they produce. Easily distinguished bold prints and out-of-the box designs. Koi designs is truly leading the way for unconventional and unique garments and tools. When it comes to nurses looking to make a fashion statement, Koi Happiness is the way to go!

IguanaMed – For female and male nurses looking to keep both their comfort and cool, IguanaMed is the brand for you. This company focuses on delivering comfort and quality. All while producing fashionable, simplistic and functional designs. When it comes to maintaining a sleek look, IguanaMed is the brand to purchase!

Cherokee – Cherokee is a well-known super brand when it comes to uniforms and nursing scrubs. Designing and selling everything you need from head to toe. You will find a variety of different fabrics, some of which are constructed to be slimming while others act as a barrier against fluids. Cherokee continually offers stylish medical uniforms outstanding in quality material and illustrations.

Dickies – We had to include Dickies in this list – an iconic and withstanding brand with a great variety of scrubs. Whether you’re looking for solid colors or colorful prints while rocking quality and ageless fabric, Dickies is the brand of choice. The Dickies line has gained popularity for its great fits and uniforms at reasonable prices.

Sapphire Scrubs – When it comes to achieving a high-end look, Sapphire is a brand to look into. This brand offers a luxurious and quality looking uniforms for female nurses. This is the perfect purchase for the nurse who doesn’t want to compromise on comfort or elegance.

Anywears – Don’t sacrifice your performance during a shift, there are appealing shoes while focusing on comfort! Nurses are on their feet for hours on end, and having a comfortable shoe is essential. For quality and comforting shoes, look into anywears!

With all the fashion options found in nursing scrubs today, there is no reason why you can’t show up to work looking great and feeling amazing. Whether it’s comfort you’re looking for or bold designs, there’s a lot of brands and designers to browse when finding that perfect pair of scrubs.

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Marian College Featured on “The Nursing Site”!

marian college featured on the nursing siteMarian College is proud to announce that a couple of our very own blog posts have made their appearance on one of the top nursing blogs of 2016! The nursing blog is known as “The Nursing Site”, providing valuable information to nurses, student nurses, and those who aspire to become nurses.

Our very own blog here at Marian College attempts to offer the same valuable advice to nurses, our very own students, and those who may be considering a career in nursing.

The Two Blogs Featured on The Nursing Site

1. Technology and Nursing: How Tech Savvy Should Nurses Really Be?

This is an interesting post because it highlights an integral aspect of society today: technology. If you look back even just 20 years ago, you’ll find that technology has rapidly advanced over the years. Unless you’re on top of it, it’s very difficult to stay current, which is why we constructed a valuable post around this topic.

The short answer to the question is YES, you should be somewhat technology savvy if you decide to become a nurse. Why? Because it will give you something to offer to the older, seasoned nurses that may not be tech savvy. In exchange, you’ll receive their knowledge for mutual growth. It’s a win-win.

2. Social Skills in Nursing – Introversion and Shyness

Does shyness mean one cannot become a nurse? Absolutely not. Anyone can become a nurse and both introverts and extroverts offer different ways of approaching their patients. As a nurse, you are required to perform certain skills and duties that may not always call for conversation. As a nurse, it’s important to understand that sometimes-patient interaction is not necessary. However, interaction between team members is vital to running an efficient operation.

Find Your Answer at Marian College!

We’re delighted to have the opportunity to share valuable information, experiences, tips, tricks, and advice that we hope provide value to our readers. If you have any questions regarding nursing, simply use the search bar above to see if we have already written our response to your question. We do our best to stay current and on top of the latest in nursing. ☺

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Looking Back at Our Top Nursing Articles of 2015

Looking back, we must say that 2015 was a great year! Being a school of nursing, it is important that we keep our blog consistently updated with nursing-related articles that we hope provide value in some way to both our students and our readers. Thank you for supporting us throughout the year.

Without further ado, here are the top nursing articles of 2015 that we feel provided the most value. Please keep in mind the information contained within these articles may still be applied today!

1. Productive Ways to Spend Time During Summer as a Nursing Student

This is a great article to get you thinking about what you can do this summer (2016) after class is over. Staying active in the nursing community will it make it that much easier to land your first job out of school. When you remain active, you meet people & network your skills and abilities. You also broaden your knowledge of the subject.

2. Common Fears of Nursing Students Addressed

We’re sure that you have experienced one of these fears at least once at some point during nursing school. It’s rather common, actually. But this is a great article that helps you curb these common thoughts that do nothing but bring you down.

3. Applying for Jobs After Nursing School

When nursing school is all said and done, the next step is clear: finding a job. We offer a few great pointers on where to begin when you reach this beginning stage of your nursing career. And when you nail the interview, here’s an infographic to keep in mind to help you land that nursing job!

nursing interview dos and donts

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