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Latest News from Marian College, School of Nursing

Upcoming Weekend Classes for Vocational Nursing Program

Vocational Nursing Program

The Nursing Education Program provides students with skills that will afford him or her the opportunity to seek employment in hospitals, clinics, private physicians’ offices, and extended long-term care facilities.

Our weekend classes are starting soon. Please contact the campus you’re interested in if you have any questions.

Learn more about our Vocational Nursing Program »



Classes: Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Lecture: 8am-2pm
Clinicals: 7am-3pm


LOS ANGELES CAMPUS – program starts on August 10, 2017
3325 Wilshire Blvd,
10th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90010
(213) 388-3566

VAN NUYS CAMPUS – program starts on August 24, 2017
5900 Sepulveda Blvd,
Suite 101
Van Nuys, CA 91411
(818) 782-6163

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Marian College Announces 2017 Silver Jubilee Celebration!

silver jubilee dinner details 2017

Reserve Your Seat Today for the Silver Jubilee Dinner!

Saturday, February 11, 2017 // 5:30 – 10:30 PM

Please contact Mrs. Lynette Mutia to reserve your seats & for advertisement options: lferro@mariancollege.edu. Or you may call our school to RSVP.

The Jubilee Dinner will be a formal event, requiring a dress code.

Dress code for Gentlemen:
Tuxedo Optional
Black, Dark Grey, or Navy Suit
Conventional Tie
White Dress Shirt
Black Shoes. Oxford or Patent Leather

Dress code for Ladies:
Evening Gown
Ankle or Floor Length Dress
Whatever Shoes Match with Your Dress
A Smile 🙂

Jubilee Dinner Details

  • Music
  • Food
  • Beverages (including Bar)
  • Live Performances
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Chinese Auction

We hope to see you out there! 🙂

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Marian College – Closed for The Holidays!

Thank you for visiting our blog here at Marian College! In lieu of the Holiday season, our offices at both locations (Los Angeles & Van Nuys) will be closed & will re-open on January 3rd, 2017. There will be no open house events for December, but please stay tuned for more open house events beginning 2017.

What’s Going on @ Marian College?

1. Thanksgiving Celebration (at our Los Angeles location)
We had quite the feast this year at our 2016 Thanksgiving celebration!
marian college thanksgiving 2016

2. Annual Christmas Luncheon
Every year our faculty & staff come together for an evening filled with joy, laughter & good times!
marian college christmas luncheon 2016

3. The Popular Mannequin Challenge – Marian Style!
Marian College (performed on site at our Los Angeles location) tries their hand at the popular mannequin challenge that has been going around lately – let us know what you think on our Facebook page. 🙂
marian college mannequin challenge

Taking a Look Back at Our Most Popular Posts in 2016!

Based on feedback gathered from our data – we would like to present to you our Top 3 most shared & visited blog posts of 2016 as we move forward into another year. We encourage you to give them a read if you haven’t already!

1. How to Manage Eating Healthy as a Nurse

2. Top 6 Best Brands for Nursing Scrubs

3. The Hardest Part of Being a Nurse

With that said, the entire staff & faculty here at Marian College would like to wish you a very Happy Holiday Season & a wonderful New Year’s! We’ll see you all next year. 🙂

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Don’t Forget: Marian College Open House November 2016!

We wanted to remind everyone of our Open House dates this week, which may be easily found below.

marian college open house 2016

“Why Should I Visit Open House at Marian College?”
If you’ve noticed, we’ve kept our Open House running once per campus for the last several months because it has been well received. Mainly because it allows aspiring nurse-to-Be’s the opportunity to get a feel for what nursing school is all about. Being a vocational nursing school in Los Angeles, it serves as a great starting point in beginning a career in nursing. Students who visit our Open House events generally leave with the following information:

  • Information on our various vocational nursing programs
  • Nursing school costs – tuition & financing information
  • What to expect on a typical day @ Marian College
  • Admission requirements
  • Class schedules
  • Much more, including meeting new friends with like-minded interests!

Marian College Limited-Time Discounted Tuition!

We also want to remind you of a limited-time special offer that we’re promoting for our 25th Anniversary as an affordable nursing school in Los Angeles. Tuition is being discounted heavily during this time, allowing you the opportunity to receive an excellent start to your nursing career for a very affordable price!

affordable nursing school los angeles

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Marian College 25th Anniversary – Huge Tuition Special Offer!

We’re super excited to announce our upcoming tuition fee reduction as a way to celebrate 25 years of successfully providing vocational nursing programs in Southern California to students from all around the globe. Of course, none of this would be made possible without our wonderful faculty, staff & students – we thank you for being a part of our ever-growing supportive community! 🙂

Starting October – Tuition Fees Reduced by 33% for a Limited Time!
To ring in this milestone, we are reducing our tuition fees by roughly 33% for a limited-time starting October 2016! All of the details may be found below. We encourage you to share the news with friends & family who aspire to begin a career in nursing & take advantage of a incredible opportunity to Become a Marian.

marian college tuition discount

Don’t Forget – Open House Dates for October!

If you or anyone you know might be interested in taking advantage of this discount, then we highly encourage you to visit our campus on our open house dates as a way to get a feel for what Marian College is all about. The information for our next open house dates may be found below.

marian college open house october 2016

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Highlights from Marian College’s Annual Family Day!

Marian College holds a Family Day every year. On this special day as students and their families, instructors and administrators from both the Los Angeles and Van Nuys campuses took a respite from their usual cares, and spent a day complete with food, fun and friendship!

There are games for children and for adults, Karaoke and dance challenge, photo booth, and other fun-filled activities meant to foster a stronger bond among school constituents. Below are some highlights to check out from this year’s Family Day!

marian college family day 2016

marian college family day 2016

marian college family day 2016

marian college family day 2016

Don’t Miss Our Open House!

If you missed the opportunity to be a part of our Family Day, then we hope to see you next year! Once we have a date established, we’ll let you all know when Family Day 2017 will be held.

In the mean time, we are still running open houses every month at both our Los Angeles and Van Nuys locations! This is a great opportunity to gain valuable information & insight on a career in nursing. Below are the dates and times for our next open house.

marian college open house october 2016

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Marian College Nursing School Open House Dates for September 2016!

For many, school has already begun. For those still considering or trying to get a “feel” for what nursing school is all about – we’re continuing our open house @ Marian College for September! Our open house experience is a great way to gather A LOT of information that you need in order to make an informed decision that you will feel proud about. Even if you don’t decide on Marian College as your nursing school of choice, you’ll still walk away with new information that will give you more direction & insight as you decide on what path to take.

Open House is a Great Way to Connect!

Below is our updated Marian College Open House schedule information for the month of September, 2016. We hope to see you there! And if you know any friends or family considering nursing school, we encourage you to let them know of our open house as a great starting point. You’ll have the opportunity to meet many like-minded individuals with the same career goals!

marian college open house september

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3 More Things to Know About Coffee and Your Health

3 things about coffee and healthCoffee’s use is so widespread that we felt the need to address this topic even further. Continuing from our last post on the Top 3 Things to Know About Coffee and Your Health, we want to expand this information to make sure you are aware of coffee’s interaction with the human body, possible side effects that may occur, and why it’s important to moderate your daily consumption.

3 More Things to Know About Coffee and Your Health

4. Caffeine and Cortisol

Ever wondered why most nurses cannot live or start the day without coffee? This has something to do with the body’s cortisol levels. Naturally, cortisol levels are high in the morning because cortisol is responsible for rising and waking in the morning. However, in people who are caffeine addicts, they tend to ingest massive amounts of caffeine at the start of the day which leads not to a high, but a low concentration of cortisol. Then, they start drinking more coffee because they are still feeling sleepy despite the humongous amount they already drank. This is the cycle of caffeine addiction.

Cortisol also has to do with eating. People who have huge surges of cortisol during meals tend to eat a lot, leading to higher body fat, lower muscle mass, and reduced metabolism. They cannot sleep well at night because increased cortisol levels keep them from entering stage 4 of sleep, which is the stage where there is rebuilding and repairing of the cells. This is the part of caffeine that keeps nurses awake during graveyard shifts. Nurses may thank coffee for keeping them up and running, yet everything that is too much for the body would end up harming it.

5. Caffeine and Our Skin

Nurses should be conscious of how they look because this can add to the pleasantness that they can share with their patients. Our skin is the largest organ in our body and the most noticeable, so keeping it fresh and hydrated is a must. However, your all-time favorite caffeine could cause wrinkling and aging because it dehydrates the skin and elevates cortisol levels. A decrease in collagen and elastin production is also found with increased consumption of caffeine, leading to skin aging.

So despite the toxic shift, nurses must never forget to drink lots and lots of water to maintain a healthy and beautiful skin and become more presentable in front of their patients.

6. Caffeine and People

Different people, different reactions to coffee. Not everyone can get used to just one amount of coffee. The amount that is too much for one person can be too little for another. The effect of caffeine varies from one person to another, so there is no perfect amount of coffee for anyone or everyone. Drinking the amount that you consider adequate is recommended, just as long as you recognize what is too much for your health.

In Conclusion

Coffee is one of the greatest stimulants offered and has contributed to more productivity. Also, there have been many studies performed over the years highlighting the benefits of drinking coffee. Just be sure to limit yourself accordingly. If you ever question the amount you’re drinking, chances are you are drinking too much and may want to cut back at least a cup or two.

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Marian College Nursing School Open House Dates for August 2016!

For those that didn’t make it to our OPEN HOUSE event in July, we are hosting yet another one this month! Your friends and family are more than welcome to attend our OPEN HOUSE event. Let them know it will be an informative and crucial event for anyone looking to enroll at Marian College into a vocational nursing program in Los Angeles. In the graphic below you will find all the information you need in order to attend the open house event. We look forward to meeting you!

marian college open house august 2016

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Top 3 Things You Should Know About Coffee

3 things about coffee and healthMany professionals that are famed for being dependent to coffee have nothing on nursing. Nurses are known to be fans of coffee because many cannot start the shift without a good ol’ cup of joe to keep them energized. Although caffeine offers many benefits to humans, there are some things nurses and professionals that depend on coffee should be aware about.

Top 3 Things You Should Know About Coffee and Your Health

1. Staying Awake On The Job

Some professionals, especially nurses and doctors, could not even start their work without a cup of classic roast. While some professionals consider themselves dependent on coffee, there seems to be some drawbacks, according to some recent studies.

Studies by the American Academy of Sleep show that after three nights of sleep restriction, the benefits of caffeine are no longer effective. Caffeine was able to improve the subject’s’ psycho-motor vigilance task on the first two days of restricted sleep for 5 hours every night, yet on the third night, the effect of two daily 200 mg doses of caffeine was lost on the subjects.

Since coffee is a stimulant that is used worldwide to counteract sleepiness, it is essential that consumers would have an idea about the effect of caffeine. As nurses, you must be aware that coffee has benefits and drawbacks too, so you can adjust your consumption and still enjoy the benefits it has to offer.

2. Caffeine in Monitored Doses

Caffeine is both a popular and accepted sort of stimulant used by busy people and nurses. Caffeine consumers claim that coffee gives them the necessary amount of boost that is needed for quality performance. Ever felt wanting coffee more even after you have just ingested a large amount? Whenever you feel highly stimulated, a low immediately follows, prompting you to consume more coffee to lift yourself again. Caffeine is effective in boosting our energy, but the energy it gives is short-lived. This is the reason why you have energy swings whenever you drink coffee. Drinking just enough cups of coffee every day as opposed to drinking several cups can stimulate your adrenals to act quickly yet capably, avoiding developing adrenal fatigue, a common disorder of people who have repeated and long-term doses of coffee.

3. Drinking Coffee and Your Health

Drinking coffee like it is water is a feat that happens each shift. However, nurses and the people who are self-confessed caffeine addicts or connoisseurs must know that too much coffee affects the adrenal glands. Adrenal glands are the tiny glands that sit on top of the kidneys and release hormones that trigger the fight-or-flight reaction of our body. It stimulates the release of adrenaline which prepares the body for action. Because of the stimulant, the adrenal glands continue to release adrenaline, leading to burnout of the glands because of overuse. This would ultimately result in adrenal fatigue, wherein the adrenals are weakened and cannot respond adequately to stimulation. The solution to this is to limit the intake of coffee or quit drinking coffee altogether.

In conclusion, Coffee is not all bad.

The harm would start upon the abuse of caffeine. Because coffee manages to perk up nurses, it has become part of their routine, just as long as it does not affect your health and your performance during their shift negatively. You just have to recognize how much is good or bad for yourself.

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